Welcome to Sky's Writing page. She will update the contents of each story as she has pieces available to you.

Elements of Shadow -- Welcome to Varya'meá, a world where humans and the non-human races known as Strainséir live in relative peace. But something is beginning, something that could tear the races apart, and change the world forever.
(Note: This is Sky's novel-in-process and will be updated as she has things to add. So keep checking back.)

Fire and Air -- Fate has decided to play a game. The god-born dark mage Celina has decided to manipulate the board and pieces her way and the fabrics of time and space start to unravel. And not even the gods can interfere. And so enter our players. Five mages, Artemis Silverwolf, Kelena Redflame, Amaya Whiterain, Trynt Blackice, and Jaysen Lighteye must get past their differences and work together to keep the fabrics of time and space from being unraveled. And so the game is set, and the pieces begin to move.
(Note: This story is not being continued. However, I am keeping it up and available for people to read. For the time being.)

Glimpses of Heaven -- Twelve angels of heaven make yearly trips down to earth to make sure that things are running "according to plan." But one year, things begin to deviate from the plan. The twelve angels face off with Satan, and human reporter Alexander Black gets drawn into things.
(Note: This is also a novel-in-process, however, what is here is the novel in short story form that Sky wrote for her submission for Alpha 2004. It has not been edited from what was submitted there, and won't be.)

A Walk in the Park -- 'Cale never really thought about death.' But then, Cale meets Death. Rated PG-13 for some swearing.
(Note: This is a story Sky included in her writing portfolio for her english class. It has not been edited from what was in there. It may become a longer story in the future, but she have no plans for that.)

Ruins of Hope -- Mikael struggles to come to terms with who what he is.
(Note: This is a short story that Sky wrote for her submission to
Odyssey, another writing workshop, though a more intensive one than Alpha. Unfortunately, she was turned down. But she still likes the story. It most likely will not be continued. This text has not been edited from what was sbumitted there.)