Link To Me!:

Sky would love for you to promote her site on yours. She'd love for you to tell people that She's cool, and has an interesting site. So she's presenting you with a banner for you to link to her with. Please save the image to your own computer and do not steal from her. Thankies!
(Note: If you are going to link to her, please email her at and tell her what your site is so she can see what you're doing, and also get a banner from you and put it on her own site. Thanks!)





Other Cool Places!:

Here are some very awesome places that Sky visits, and reads the writing at, and whatnot. Have fun!

>>Genderless Love -- A site by my friend Megan, who writes amazing fantasy stuff. She's currently working on rewriting her novel Guardian and you can read that there. (Note: Much of what she writes contains homosexual relationships between men. If this isn't your thing... Don't go here. Sky doesn't want to hear your complaints about no warnings, and neither does Megan.)

>>Airiviel's Avenue -- My friend Airiviel's site! She's got lots of cool things on her site, and her original fantasy as well as fanfiction. Go read. :D

>>Moonriddler -- Another site with amazing writing that should totally be checked out, because Mim is awesome. Her site is very pretty too, and Sky envies Mim her webdesign skills. (Note: Most of Mim's writing contains homosexual relationships between men as well. Again, just don't visit if this isn't your thing.)

>>Ephebian Paradise -- Another site with amazing original writings, that Sky highly reccommends. This author has written several stories, all of which have plots and character arcs, and everything that is needed in a good story. (Note: Er... see the above warnings. Sky is getting tired of typing it many times.)

>>Shadowscapes -- This is the site where the artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law puts her art. Sky fell madly passionately in love with this artist's work, and she feels that she has to spread the love however she can. Sky is also convinced that she is going to commission Ms. Law to do the cover artwork of her novel (or perhaps, novels) because the art is simply breath taking.