Be in the Know! Questions asked, answers to be found and curiosity satisfied!
If you have a question, feel free to email Sky at sky@laloi.net.

Q: Is your name really Sky?
A: Sky's parents are not hippies, so no. Not yet. Sky took the name “Cerulean Sky” as a penname a few years ago, and it simply shortened to sky.

Q: Why did you choose to write fantasy?
A: It wasn't really a choice for Sky. Fantasy took hold of her, and hasn't let go. She loves the feeling of being in another world, of using magic that fantasy books have given her, and she wants to make other people feel that too- with her own work. Mostly though, she just likes magic.

Q: Why don't you post more of your stuff her?
A: Because everything Sky has to publish here, is here. Isn't that sad? She clearly needs to write more. (Admittedly, some stuff is currently being edited and will be posted here as soon as Sky is done with it.)

Q: When is Elements of Shadow going to be put up?
Er… that is the million dollar question, isn't it? The single novel Sky thought she was writing exploded into five books and Sky has yet to work out all the pesky little details. (You know, things like plot and all that…) She is mostly writing short stories at the moment, but she's trying. Don't hold your breath though- Sky doesn't want to be responsible for any deaths. (And no, telling her you will hold your breath until she writes them won't work. She will simply let you die, you stupid fuck.)

Q: How old are you?
Young enough not to be offended by this question, and old enough to know that the next question is usually, “Do you have a boyfriend?” (The answer to which is yes, so abandon your hopes now.) But honestly, she doesn't think that it's necessary for you to know her age for you to enjoy her writing. (Though, you can figure it out if you try real hard.)

Q: Where did the Kiriban thing go?
Sky is doing some reworking on her site, which makes the counter do wonky things. She also doesn't think that she has enough samples of her writing for someone to be able to request something that she could actually write. She the Kiriban thing will have to come back after the above issues have been addressed.

Q: Why do you talk about yourself in third person?
I never really liked first person, to tell the truth. It's harder for me to write stories in as well. So I do most of them in third. Besides, I like it, and it makes me a little eccentric. If you don't like it, I won't hold it against you if you leave.